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City of Clinton Trunk or Treat and Zombie Walk

More Information Coming Soon

October 27, 2023

For more information 864-200-4579

Trunk or Treat (3).jpg
The City of Clinton Zombie Walk will not be held responsible for the actions of the event participants. By attending this event, you agree to follow these rules. Your cooperation will ensure that this event continues for years to come.


1) DO NOT touch anyone/anything (especially storefront windows). NO EXCEPTIONS.
Even though you and I may love this kind of thing, there may be others who do not, respect their space and they will respect our celebration. Yes, this means dripping, splattering blood too. keep it to yourself.

2) DO NOT attempt to scare anyone who is not a willing participant.
If anyone is freaking out, turn and shamble in the opposite direction.

3) No walking out into the street or traffic
Again a great way to get hurt or arrested, not to mention possibly causing an accident.
Clinton zombies use crosswalks and obey the walk/don’t walk signs. it’s okay to break character to cross safely. Just use what little bit of brains you have left in your head people.

4) Any weaponry should be easily discernible as fake
Keep bright obnoxious orange caps on the end of toys guns.
NO REPLICA WEAPONS, the word replica implies “like the real thing”.
DO NOT BRING THEM. Police officers will be present. You have been warned.

5) As fun as it would be, no part of your costume should squirt or project any liquid or objects

6) No profanities
We will most likely walk by many innocent children during the walk, no need to warp their minds any further than seeing the walking dead already will.
Keep it in character, i’ve never heard a zombie drop the F-bomb.

7) Ham it up!
You’re wearing fake blood and ripped up clothes and walking around moaning in public, doing that louder will not be any more embarrassing.

8) Walk like a zombie
This is not a speed-walking event, zombies lurch, crawl, limp, slither, etc.
Think more Romero zombie, not “run” zombie except for avoiding traffic. see #2.

9 ) Stay in character
We know everyone is excited about this, but zombies do not truly have the motor or cognitive abilities to operate a camera or cell phone. We have plenty of people who will be documenting the event, so please try to refrain from taking pictures during the actual walk. There will be time before the walk to take photos and/or vids. also, zombies don’t have conversations or text their friends. “They’re dead, they’re all messed up.”

10) Stay on public property
DO NOT go into stores or other private properties. stick to the sidewalk.

11) Have fun
Okay so there’s 11, but this is the most important one. Come up with a theme and stay in character as much as possible. It’s a celebration of a great time of year. Moan like you mean it!

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