Town Rhythms

The Barker Duke Band are key players in the Catalinas

The Catalinas began in 1957 in Myers Park Hight School in Charlotte, NC and celebrate their 65th anniversary in 2022! The band's popularity is based primarily in the southeastern US, however, The Catalinas music is player on radio stations in the UK, Greece and Australia to name a few  the their quality, tight sound and energy onstage, they are on  the "in demand" groups in the southeast for city festival, weddings and private parties. always playing a variety of music that suits all ages. Thought know for Beach Music, regionally and nationally for the mega hit' Summertimes Calling Me, The Catalinas play all styles to a high standard of excellence. "summertimes Calling Me" has become the anthem of North and South Carolina beach goers as they struggle through the winter waiting on summer to arrive. This song, written by The Catalinas Johnny Barker, is credited for being largely responsible for the new wave of :Beach Music" that started when it was released in 1975.

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