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Bronze Train Ticket 

Historical Walk

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Trains have always been a big part of Downtown Clinton's identity. This important part of their history is what gave them their original name Five-Points and is what put Clinton on the map in 1852. 

The sound of the familiar train whistle, stands as a constant reminder of Clinton's past and holds promises for its future. Take a stroll down memory lane with us, as we explore our historical city. Can you find all the hidden bronze tickets?

All Aboard

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The Bronze Train Ticket Historical Walk features 15 bronze tickets that can be found on this tour. These hidden tickets can be found all over town to discover our history. 

Click on the map and it will take you to the written tour.

Looking for a more narrative experience? Don't worry, you can access the audio tour on your phone by downloading the Distrx app. This audio tour also includes scrollable images and descriptions of each stop. As you approach each stop, click on the corresponding number on the app and you will hear the audio with detailed history.

Bronze Train Ticket Historical Walk Clinton Map


Click on the map above for the tour, or download the Distrx App by clicking on the app button below.

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Interested in the Brochure? Download it today, to follow the Bronze Train Ticket Historical Walk.

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