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Clinton, South Carolina

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Clinton, located in the heart of the upstate, has long been the place people came to meet. Today they still come to Clinton to get together with friends and family but there is so much more to experience. 

That's why our motto is visit for the experience - stay for the lifestyle. Everyone in the community has a different story about what led them here, but the small town way of life is why they stay. Ask around, you will soon find out why so many choose to call Clinton home.  

Quality of Life 

Opportunity Zone

About Main Street Clinton

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Clinton is the symbol of "Small Town Charm, In the Heart of the Upstate," and has served as the place people get together since the beginnings of the railroad. As part of our Main Street Downtown program we want to keep that tradition alive and well for generations to come. 

The City of Clinton, joined the SC Main Street Bootcamp program in January of 2017. As part of the program, we plan to expand and improve our business district, as well as, the quality of life for not only the citizens, but also for those visiting Clinton, SC.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our citizens by expanding our business district with entertainment, events, and knowledge about our rich history.

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Our Main Street Program

The purpose of the Main Street Program is to promote local businesses thru marketing, events, and attractions in the historic district.

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Our History

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  • Founded 1852 

  • Was top 10 in Hometown Takeover
    (will be featured in 2021 season)

  • Originally named Five Points

  • Listed on National Register of Historic places in 1984

Our Heritage

Clinton South Carolina is home to the Scots-Irish immigrants that later became the early settlers of this community just decades before the American Revolutionary War. Outside of our European heritage, Clinton is also well known for the railroad that helped us gain our first known name, Five Points. As late as 1852, the town was called Five Points because it arose at the intersection of four major roads and the railroad. As the railroad began to grow, so did the town, and more plots of land were developed around the railroad.


With the population's growth came the establishment of the First Presbyterian Church in 1855 and is now the home of the Top Presbyterian College in South Carolina. Clinton is often admired for the historic buildings that are still in mint condition today. Many buildings in the district display architectural characteristics of the period dating from 1875 to the 1930's. The historic significance within the architecture alone is one of the reasons as to why Clinton is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. This recognition is correlated with several locations such as Clinton Commercial Historic District, Duncan's Creek Presbyterian Church, and Thornwell-Presbyterian College Historic District.

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